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Must carry

<<On Wed, 2 Jul 1997 20:20:20 -0400 (EDT), Dib9@aol.com said:

> Can someone give me the details of the must carry rule for cable TV systems
> in regards to low power TV stations?

I can't tell you precisely, but the following conditions must be true:

1) The station waives retransmission consent.

2a) The station puts at least X mV/m electric field strength over the
cable system's head-end.
- -or-
2b) The station petitions the FCC to add the communities where the
cable system is licensed to operate to the television market to which
A.C. Nielsen says the station belongs, and the FCC agrees.

Now, in your particular case, my records show that channel 35 is in no
LPTV, it is a full-power construction permit granted to Lewiston.
Given that the station will be transmitting from the channel 51 tower
in Gray, there seems to be no question that it would be must-carry for
your cable system.

- -GAWollman

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