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Re: Can any of you explain this?

The late CFOX actually spent many years as CKO, the nominal flagship
of the CKO all-news network, before going dark with the rest of 
the network circa 1988.

Most of CKO's old frequencies remain silent; the only one that I
know for sure is back on is 106.9 Ottawa, which replaced CJSB 540
a few years back.  There have been long-running applications with
the CRTC for some of the other frequencies, especially 99.1 Toronto.

I'd be very surprised to see 1470 Pointe-Claire ever return, inasmuch
as there are better signals still dark in the area (1570 Laval and
soon 1410 Montreal, once CFMB moves to 1280).

The CFOX calls, BTW, are now on FM in Vancouver.

- -Scott