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Re: Can any of you explain this?

In a message dated 97-05-10 12:35:59 EDT, barry@meol.mass.edu (Keith Barry)

>Does that mean that WJIB will be able to increase power, or does it still
>have to protect WSNG?
>        Keith
Firstly, I think he means WGSM (in Long Island).  Secondly,  even if CBL
moves to FM, all AM's in the northeast USA will NOT be able to increase power
because it is still a CANADIAN clear, whether it is used or not.  ---by
International Treaty which will take to the year 2222 to get it changed.
   HOWEVER, folks, without CBL pounding on my back door, my 5,000 milliwatts
will soar!    (until someone ELSE in Canada applies for 740!).

- -----jibguy