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In a message dated 97-05-12 00:48:06 EDT, lawyer@world.std.com ('A. Joseph
Ross') writes:

>First, I keep hearing mention of this station out west that got in trouble
>for having volunteer labor, and that you can't do that because the Labor
>Department will come down on you.  But I thought the Labor Department
>backed off that station and decided what they were doing was OK. 

Bob responding.....

The station was KTOZ in Springfield, MO, and, true the Labor Dep't backed off
NOT because KTOZ was in the clear, but rather because of bad press the Labor
Dep't got with a feature on the CBS evening news regarding KTOZ.   The press
may not be so willing to cover it next time, as its old hat, and therefore
the Labor Dep't may be free to swoop in and do their dastardly deeds without

On non-profit orgs.....   aren't they the ones with the most money, and the
best studio equipment;  in most major and medium markets?  And aren't there
CEO's of public broadcasting stations making a ton of $$$,$$$.$$?   Whad'ya
mean non-profits can't disperse money to individuals within?  It's called
salaries....   perfectly legal.

- ----jibguy