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Late-spring DX

Here's what I came up with after spending a couple hours flipping through
the AM band last night/this morning. The NYC stations were all coming in
very nicely (as usual) [570, 660, 770, 880, 1050, 1130, 1560, 1660], as was
WBBM (780) Chicago. Only two new stations identified: 

1340 WNBH New Bedford, Mass. "Real Country, WNBH" , hardly a bit of
interference from the zillions of other 1kWers on 1340. 2:20 AM.
And 1600 WWRL New York, N.Y. Heard ID at 2:00 AM.

And now for what I couldn't identify:
610 French talk. 
1390 One-on-one sports. Maybe WKDR? Didn't know they did sports, though.
1540 Probably not Albany, no sign of them tonight. Faint, Spanish?
1610 TIS of some sort, very faint. Heard before.
1640 Talk, mixing with music, definitely two different stations, both with
English speaking male announcers, fading in and out. Never heard anything
here before.

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.

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vote AGAINST the proposed sales tax increase. This will KILL towns along the
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Doug Bassett - dbassett@sover.net - West Brattleboro, Vt.