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Re: Can any of you explain this?

I have to get out my maps and see if I can find Lorring. Depending on where
Lorring is in Maine, the daytime 10 kW ND operation could interfere with
WCRN, whose day pattern with 7 kW is aligned along a 45-degree line (i.e. in
the direction of Maine). My guess is that this station will never be built.
Under the telecommunications law, how long does an unbuilt station have to
get on the air before the FCC is obliged to pull the CP?

As for the time of WTIC's pattern change, WTIC is, as far as I know, one of
three Class IB stations that change to nighttime operation at sunset at the
location of a co-channel class IB to the west. The other two are WQEW, which
changes at Bakersfield sunset, and WSAI, which changes at Sacramento sunset.
Of these three stations, WTIC and WSAI are DA-N; WQEW is DA-2.

Another interesting fact about WSAI is that, even though the station is 50
kW-U DA-N, it uses dual TX sites! The only explanation for the dual sites
that I've been able to figure out is that the night site was placed as far
to the west of Cincinnati as possible to get as much as possible of the
metro area within the nighttime service area. The daytime ND signal from the
night site would then not have met the field strength criteria for service
to the COL, so they erected a second site for daytime operation closer to
the COL.

If this is indeed the correct explanation, it would seem as though WSAI
could now transmit fulltime from its night site, as the COL signal
requirements have since been changed to eliminate the requirement for 25
mV/m over the downtown area. Bob Carpenter in DC, who pointed out this
interesting anomaly to me, suggested another explnation, however: He thinks
that both sites are at the old Crosley short-wave site. That site is also
the location of WLW. This doesn't exactly explain the dual sites, though. 

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