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RE: Lyric edits/insertions

At 05:51 PM 5/9/97 -0400, Roger Kirk wrote:

>Others were "created" by studio singers mimicing the original artists.  I   
>believe that WRKO played a few of them.  One was by the (Diana-less)   
>Supremes and I think there was an Osmonds one.  Funny how one's mind   
>retains the superficial and important details evaporate.  The PD was   
>proud of having these to air, but because of the intense "war" between   
>'RKO & 'MEX, details were kept under wraps but the word was that it was a   
>creation of Joey Reynolds.  They were, however, used sparingly.
Are you talking about the "special versions" that 'RKO briefly played in the
early 70's where an 'RKO jingle was sung over the intro (somewhat) to the
tune of the song?  I definitely recall them playing a version of Brown Sugar
where the pseudo-background singers went "brown sugar, brown sugar, WRKO!".
Some of these were quite convincing, others sounded blatantly fake.