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Re: Top 40 on WBZ (Was First with Rock)

In a message dated 97-05-07 15:32:56 EDT, you write:

<< Remember, it was W Beatle Z.  And just before WRKO was to come on with Top
 40, WBZ began calling itself "Boss Radio"....which was the slogan RKO
 General had used at KHJ in Los Angeles, and planned to use on WRKO.  WBZ
 was much rockier at night, however, than during Carl de Suze's or Dave
 Maynard's shows.

Yeah....The 'Boss' of 'BossTown'...!

Wasn't the switch to top 40 when the "live 5" appeared?  

There's a story that when they went to top 40....Alan Dary was miffed...He
like playing Tony Bennet, etc...and left to go to WHDH(?)....to play 'real
music' at WHDH.