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Re: First in FM Rock in Boston......

Was WQBK in Rensselaer (Albany), New York the first rock station
> in the Capital District on FM or was WGFM in Schenectady ?  How 'bout
> you Capital District readers to elaborate if you will.
> -Pete-

Having grown up in the Tri-Cities, I'm 99% sure that WGFM was the first FM to 
play top 40/rock.  Twas automated.  Positioning statement: Rock music for 
Adults only.  WGFM was the FM sister of WGY-AM and WRGB-TV 6. 

WQBK was the first album rock. 90% sure!

I could say that WGY was my first job in radio if you count Junior Achievement. 
I was 14.  Our group was probably the first to play Led Zeppelin on WGY, as well 
as the last.