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First in FM Rock in Boston......

    No, it WAS NOT WBCN.  It was....(may I have the envelope...please...)
it was..WRKO-FM (98.5, now WBMX) with its' famous "ARKO-matic" signature.
The first truly bona-fide, non-simulcast FM rock station was "ARKO" which
premiered the format at midnight October 12, 1966.  WAAB-FM became WAAF
in 1967 in Worcester on the famous frequency of 107.3 simulcasting WAAB
1440 part of the day and broke away several hours of the day with Top-40
in stereo to compliment WAAB.  Eventually WAAF went progressive in 1971
and experimented with "4-channel stereo" at the new higher powered Mt.
Ashnebumskit transmitter site.  The quad experiment failed.  

     Was WQBK in Rensselaer (Albany), New York the first rock station
in the Capital District on FM or was WGFM in Schenectady ?  How 'bout
you Capital District readers to elaborate if you will.

- -Pete-

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