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Broadcast Group on Ham Radio Tonite

Starts Tonite at 9 PM , any subjects discussed on the BRI/NERW are
Details below

You must have an Amateur license and FM gear for the 440-450 Mhz. UHF
band and/or the 50-54 Mhz. VHF band.  If you have a close friend who is a
ham, you can
also participate, if your friend will agree to let you use the equipment
with him or her
present. If you are not a Ham, please listen on your scanner--best with
an outside
antenna--and tuned to the  <Out> frequencies listed below.

We have the use of the NYNES (New York-New England Similcast) System.
the locations of the NYNES repeaters we will be using.
1. 448.000 out, 443.000 in, with an access tone of 162.2. Location=
Uncanoonuc Mtn.,
     Goffstown N.H. (near Manchester). This one should provide coverage
down as far
     as the NW Boston Suburbs if you have an outside antenna. 
2. 448.000 out, 443.000 in, access tone=173.8,  Location=Fall River,
     Coverage should extend from Hyannis to Brockton to East of
Providence with an 
     outside antenna.
3. 448.000 out, 443.000 in, and 53.190 out, 52.190 in, both accessable
with a tone of
     162.2,  Location=Hartland, CT.   Coverage will extend from Meriden,
CT to
     Greenfield, Mass to Southbridge, Mass for UHF and farther north and
east for VHF
These three locations are interconnected, and we have additional
locations such as 
Paxton, Woburn, York, ME, Keene NH, N Adams, MA, Meriden CT and a few
more that
are not yet connected, but use the same frequency, which we can make use
of after
we get started.

If you live near Boston proper, you may be able to get in on either
Goffstown or Fall
River, but you will be in fringe coverage. The best reception will be
with a Verticle
directional multi-element antenna, but a discone, dipole or even just a
may work just fine depending on your location!l  

This will be a lot of fun talking about the same things  that we see
posted here!
Please listen, even if you don't have an Amateur permit.

Sincerely & 73,
Mark Casey                   Hampden, Mass  (just east of Springfield)
n1lzc@juno.com       and    map@map.com  
- -----