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Re: TV Guide and TV50

At 12:00 AM 4-12-1997 -0400, Richard Chonak wrote:

>Is that so?  Brattleboro's a fair hike from Derry.
>What defines the territory within which cable systems are obliged to 
>carry "local" broadcast stations?
>Richard Aquinas Chonak, rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us
I was wondering the same thing...we have only one station from Springfield
(WGBY 57) on our cable system, which acording to my estimates, is a bit
closer than Derry.
And Worcester is even closer. This is the current line-up of broadcast
stations on the local cable system here:

cable Call  Location
2  WGBY 57  Springfield
3  FOX      National Feed
4  WBZ 4    Boston
5  WCVB 5   Boston
7  WHDH 7   Boston
9  WMUR 9   Manchester
10 WCDC 19  North Adams (WTEN 10 Albany)
11 WVTA 41  Windsor
12 W62AT 62 Bellows Falls (WCAX 3 Burlington)
13 WNNE 31  Hartford (Vt)
14 WNDS 50  Derry
15 WSBK 38  Boston
16 WEKW 52  Keene (WENH 11 Durham)

Until a couple of years ago, WGGB 40 occupied the space now held by WCVB.
Also at this time WGBH was swapped for WGBY.

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro (soon to be Guilford), Vt.