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Re: TV Guide and TV50

> >Viewers irked by suprise shopping show
> >BRATTLEBORO - Time Warner Cable representatives this week
> >said it is not the cable carrier's fault that WNDS, channel 50 from Derry,
> >N.H., changed its program to the Global Shopping Network on
> >April 6.
> > Terry Ray Gould, general manager, said Tuesday, ``We have received over
> >400 calls during the past 24 hours from customers who turned on WNDS
> >expecting to find the normal programming still listed by TV Guide and
> >the Prevue Channel and instead got a rude suprise ... Global Shopping
> >Network." Gould said Warner is required to carry WNDS by federal
> >law, regardless of customer interest in the programming.

Is that so?  Brattleboro's a fair hike from Derry.

What defines the territory within which cable systems are obliged to 
carry "local" broadcast stations?

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Richard Aquinas Chonak, rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us