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Re: W. New England Radio & TV

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997 NewHUC@aol.com wrote:

> Yes, I remember Channels 41 and 35 in Albany.  Ch. 41 was
> rebroadcast/repeater/whatever for Ch. 10, and 35 was same for Ch. 13.  Seems
> that signals in the Troy, NY part of the area for 10 and 13 were so poor,
> that such an arrangement was necessary.

No, no.  Channel 41 began as WROW-TV, then later became WCDA, with a relay
in Hagaman (I think) called WCDB on Channel 29.  Later the former WMGT,
Channel 19, on Mt. Graylock, became WCDC, as it still is.  Sometime after
1957 (when my family moved back to the Boston area), WCDA-WCDB became WTEN
on Channel 10.  WCDC on Channel 19 has continued to relay the WTEN

Channel 35 was WTRI, initially the sister station of WTRY, Troy, and a
secondary CBS affiliate.  WRGB, although primarily an NBC affiliate, had
many of the best ABC and CBS programs for a long time.  Channel 35 went
off the air when it lost its CBS affiliation to Channel 41.  A year or so
later, it returned to the air as an ABC affiliate and no longer connected
to WTRY.  Around that time (1956 or thereabouts), both UHF stations became
the primary affiliates of their networks, and CBS and ABC programs moved
there from WRGB. 

Again, sometime after we moved back to the Boston area, WTRI, Channel 35
became WAST, Channel 13.  

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