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Re: Johnny Dark/John Rode

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Ed Cochran wrote:

> Nope.  Sorry.  I have no idea what every happend to John Rode
> (pronounced ROH-dee).  I recall that he had great pipes and sounded much
> older than he looked.
   If I recall he went back to Toronto (CHUM)

   While we are on this subject, what ever happened to Joel Cash?

(good lord this was THIRTY rears ago)

   How many of you remember the promotion that erased all doubt that WRKO
was a force in Boston radio. They arranged to have a sneak preview of the
James Bond movie CASINO ROYALE downtown on a Friday midnight. All you
needed to do was wear a trenchcoat. One minor problem...25,000 people
showed up. oops

  I am curious on how many sick minds we have on this list.....

  What was WRKO's first big giveaway (just respond to me in private