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WITS.....man, what station ;) !

     First, the worst mistake they evr did was to ditch a 50 year old set
of call-letters.  First time I heard the call-sign W-I-T-S, I could only
think of "Witless Radio".  WMEX was a well known call sign in the market
even through countless format changes over the years.  They should have
left well enough alone.  Sorry, Pat Whitley.....you blew it there.
     Secondly, the transmitter move.  They should have stayed in Squantum.
The current site is a disaster both in terms of effectiveness and cost
of operation.  The current owners are paying a disgusting rent every
month well into the 5 figures.  The signal simply SUCKS, period.  I
find the logic of moving a transmitter site from the best ground system
in the world (The Atlantic Ocean) to one of the worst areas in the
country in terms of ground conductivity (Waltham), to be very, very
S T U P I D.  That move in essence sealed 1510's fate to be nothing but
a fourth tier (in a market of three) station.  Sure, its' 50,000 watts
certainly....but it serves the "fishies" in Scandanavia.  When a once
mighty rocker falls into the abyss of paid religion.....the end is
inevitable.  IMHO.

- -Pete-

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