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RATINGS !!! The 12-24 year olds LOVED it !!!  NO Commercials, NO crap...just
continuous top-40 rock and roll with some cool dudes on tape. ("Captain Ken"
Shelton, Clark "Smith" Schmidt, "Disco" Vinnie Peruzzi and more).  

I remember Captain Ken and Clarke...but I didn't know that Disco Vinnie had
anything to do with it....

  In essence, WBZ-FM was a technical abortion. 
Half the time, the automation would start simulcasting the AM or nothing at
 The transmitter simply sounded terrible.  

They always switched to the AM side for news on the hour....and sometimes
*wouldn't* switch back!  I always wondered if this was a human error (was
someone supposed to hit the join/seperate switch...), or was it an automated
error (was the automation supposed to know how/when to join/seperate...)?  By
the weay, notice I said 'automation' instead of computer....that was a very
different time technically.  If I rmember correctly, the w-B-o-Z-o automation
actually sifted through a stack of 'puch cards' for the flow of the
hour....each card was an 'event'.....  My guess is that their biggest problem
was having punch cards getting 'stuck' in the reader...