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Re: Robin Young on WBZ

At 04:25 PM 4/6/97 -0400, Howard Glazer wrote:
>Was anyone else a fan of Robin Young when she had a 1-5 am Sunday show
>on WBZin the mid-70s? I was. I remember her breaking format regularly
>with songs like Van Morrison's "Caravan," Cat Stevens' "King of Trees"
>and her signoff theme "Icarus," by the Paul Winter Consort.

I remember Robin Young's Saturday night/Sunday morning air-shift.  It was
I listened to her format-breaking show whenever I could.  I was very sad
when she left the radio show to go on to TV.  I'm not sure if she went right
into "evening magazine," or not.

I also remember that Bill Smith was the guy who replaced her.  He was no
'Robin,' but he didn't do so bad for himself either.

- -Lou

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