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WRKO in its' heyday......

     There WAS an interim of roughly 1 month before the NEW WRKO hit the
airwaves in March, 1967.  The call-letters were changed in February of
that year in preparation of "The Radio Revolution in Boston" as Al Gates
and his friend "Feathers" spoke about on promos, one week before the 
switch on that Monday morning.  The Sunday night before the switch, Ed
Miller of "Dialing for Dollars" was the LAST "jock" on 'RKO's interim
format (a dash of oldies, easy listening and whatnot).  He invited 
listeners to join WRKO "tomorrow morning" at 6:00 for the NEW WRKO and
played the "Improper Bostonians'" jingle that went like this......

"It's the NEW W-R-K-O....in Bostontown.......
 It's the NEW W-R-K-O...putting all the rest DOWN.
 W-R-K-O is the one to listen to......
 You hear the greatest music...and MAN that's true....
 NOW at 680, WRKO......WRKO......WRKO....... !!!!!!!!"

     The pre-Drake jingles and fast banter made WRKO truly fun to listento.
to.  During simulcast (6a-6p) at the top of the hour you heard a dual
ID jingle....."W-R-K-O, W-R-K-O.....F-M......B O S T O N !!!!!!!"

     I was only 7 when WRKO hit the airwaves. But I was hooked quickly.
Believe it or not, when ARKO-FM was first on the air on October 12, 1966
with the new automated format, I had a GE AM/FM radio and was riding
in my parents car bound to New Hampshire.  Actually, it was my oldest
brothers' radio and he let me fiddle with it.  He NEVER touched the
FM side.  I DID !!!  It was nice to hear rock and roll on a clean
sounding FM radio.  Too bad we were toward the end of WRKO-FM's
coverage and I forgot about that station for a few weeks.  But, 
later I found it again and fell in love with it.  "TWO IN A ROW !!!",
I sure miss "ARKO".

- -Pete-

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