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Early WRKO

Peter George's comments re. WRKO-FM, which I remember being just across
the hall from the WRKO-AM air studio back in Kenmore Square, brings to
mind the first days of WRKO-AM.  Anyone remember the first line-up of
jocks when WNAC and the Yankee Network died and WRKO started?  Wasn't

Al Gates 6-9a
John Rode 9-12n
Joel Cash 12n-3p
J.J. Jefferies 3p-6p
Arnie Ginsberg 6p-9p
??        9p-12m

Then, of course, Max Richmond pulled the non-compete on Arnie and he had
to leave.

And how about the early newsmen?

Palmer Payne
Robert Scott (now Bob Scott at KNX)
______ Brickley (?)
Roger Skibines (sp?) (who departed soon thereafter for WOR)

Mostly old Yankee Network guys who were gradually replaced by Ken Wayne,
John Masters, etc.   I was there for 7 years in the '70s.  

Ed Cochran