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Re: Early WRKO

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, H Glazer wrote:

> I thought Johnny Dark, not Rode, did mid-mornings on WRKO. Correct?

I thought Johnny Dark was a house name at WMEX for the all-night man.

Back in 1985, WROR did a Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend, in which the last
Dan Donovan described how he came up from Providence to apply for a job at
WMEX.  Mr. Richmond said that, for his audition, he would go on as Dan
Donovan.  After he was through, they hired him to be Dan Donovan, and the
guy who had been Dan Donovan was instantly transmogrified into Johnny Dark
and given the all-night shift.

BTW, the day before, in the Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend, Arnie Ginsberg
remarked that they were having a Dan Donovan convention at Fenway Park,
and whoever drew the shortest straw "will be here tomorrow as Dan
Donovan."  I think that Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend was held, by
coincidence or design, on the same weekend that 1150, after having been
off the air for a few weeks, came back on as WMEX with oldies.

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