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Re: The first TV station

Mark wrote:
>"Broadcasting in America" gives the 'first' to WNBT. In Jan. 1940 it became 
>the first "network" station when it transmitted programming from NYC to
>WRGB-TV in Schenectady,NY via automated relay lines....

"The Broadcast Century" by Hilliard and Keith also gives it to WNBT, noting
the 1939 World's Fair broadcasts.  But we know that the first TV station in
Massachusetts was a mechanical station, W1XAY, licensed to J. Smith Dodge
(alias Jack Dodge, of WGI and then WNAC fame, and later a decorated WW2 navy
veteran) and C.F. Jenkins in the fall of 1928...  It was built by Al Pote,
who worked for Raytheon and designed some of the first TV tubes...