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Re: The first TV station

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> Sarnoff insisted WNBT was first, because it broadcast at the New York
> World's Fair, whereas the CBS station did not... most text-books, as a
> result, give that 'first' to WNBT... 

"Broadcasting in America" gives the 'first' to WNBT. In Jan. 1940 it became 
the first "network" station when it transmitted programming from NYC to
WRGB-TV in Schenectady,NY via automated relay lines....
As far as FCC license goes, in June 1941, WNBT became the first licensed 
broadcast TV station in the US...WCBW-TV was also licensed in 1941 but didnt 
become WCBS until 1948 when Mr. CBS, William Pailey bought it to start his
own TV network...

- -Mark