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Re: One-on-one Sports

At 11:54 PM 3/31/97 +0000, you wrote:
>>(And I can't imagine One-0n-One pulling any numbers at all in NYC with
>>booming WFAN 4 ticks away on the dial. Of course, they won't actually have
>>much in the way of salaries, I suspect.)
>My feeling is that the NY, LA and Miami stations that are slated to be sold to
>One-on-One will just be regurgitations of the satellite feed, with little or no
>local elements.
>SBS chairman Raul Alarcon was on the air at the Miami station (WCMQ), saying
>that WCMQ was not for sale, that only NYC and LA were.  But we all know too
>well what happens when owners say one thing, and do another...Can you say Peter
True, Ottmar did say one thing and do the exact opposite, but could _you_
turn down $6 million for a station that was losing money? And Ottmar seems
to be using his new-found stash to pursue _local_ radio in RI. He just
purchased a second FM in RI. Also, although WPNW started its life without
WBNW as just a straight Bloomberg feed, they have now picked up much of the
programming that both stations carried as a simulcast. WPNW now airs the
Dolans from the WOR Network from 1:00 to 3:00 PM M-F and the locally
produced John Napolitano show from 3:00 to 5:00. They've dropped the RI 800
number and are apparently getting decent response from callers who pay to
make the calls. I can't hear the station at night so I don't now whether
they are carrying Bruce Williams, but based on promos I heard, I think WPNW
is probably carrying the Don MacDonald program later in the evening. I'll
have to try listening on Sunday afternoon to see whether they are carrying
On Computers with Gina Smith and Bob Brinker's MoneyTalk.

One thing I don't quite understand about WBNW was why it should have been so
unprofitable when it carried so many commercials, many of which were for
local businesses. I don't think the payroll was a killer. The leases on the
office space at the Schrafft building and the TX site at Wellington Circle,
certainly could have contributed, though. And, of course, they could have
sold all of those spots for $1.00 each--or less. We all know that rate cards
don't mean anything. For whatever it's worth, my quick listens to WPNW
indicate that the station carries even more local spots than WBNW did.

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