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Re: WVNJ, Oakland NJ

At 09:22 PM 3/31/97 +0000, you wrote:
>That's a weird proposed pattern, though -- higher power at night? Must be a
>more directional night pattern, though it would have to be very directional
>to protect WIP. In fact, I'd be surprised if WIP didn't yap about it.

BTW, according to the latest M-Street Journal, the new COL will be Jersey
City, not Rutherford, as I had stated. They had applications in for several
different cities in North Jersey, all with about the same TX location but
slightly different facilities. It was hard to follow which one had been granted.

As for protecting WIP at night, WIP's nighttime protected contour cannot be
any less than the 2.5 mV/m groundwave. Since WIP is a very old station, the
protected contour probably is 2.5 mV/m. During the day, of course, WIP is
protected to the 0.5 mV/m contour. No doubt, though, the 620 night pattern
is a lot more restrictive than the day pattern. It's been a long time since
I looked at the FCC AM database for this station, so I don't know how many
towers they will be using, but the current array in Springfield comprises
five towers, all of which are used day and night. At night, besides WIP, the
Jersey station must protect WHEN, WVMT, a 620 near Pittsburgh, another in
WV, and, of course, WTMJ. The existing night pattern is very tight. The
existing day pattern is almost identical. The NRC Night Pattern Book shows a
pattern that I can't believe is the proposed night pattern; my guess is that
the NRC somehow got the proposed day pattern instead of the night pattern.
The pattern shown really doesn't protect any of the stations I named.

In the New York area, 620 is an amazingly quiet channel at night. WVMT (if
those are still the calls) beams a very strong signal to the south, but I
don't think I ever heard WVMT under Newark from my QTH, which was in the Bronx.

As for what One-on-One will be able to pull with that signal, as someone
(Bob Bittner?) pointed out, it probably doesn't matter. Prospective
advertisers are simply looking for the fact that the network can get
clearance in New York. If One-on-One owns the station, I suspect that
getting clearance will not be a problem. New York is so important to these
networks that Westwood I TalkNet actually leases time on WHN for Bruce
Williams and some of TalkNet's other product. I think WBPS's experience here
as a sports station 40 kHz away from the dominant sports station
demonstrates that dial position doesn't guarantee measurable ratings. A
signal that someone can actually hear certainly doesn't hurt. But even that
probably isn't enough.

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