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Re: WVNJ, Oakland NJ

At 01:12 PM 3/31/97 +0000, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>I too, grew up listening to the original WVNJ and all those incessent PI ads
>for TVs and vacuum cleaners. (In New York, call COrtland 7-1212; that's CO
>COrtland 7-1212; in New Jersey, call MI--Mitchell 3-8888.)

Amazing what we remember, no? <smile>

>_That_ WVNJ is 
>now WXLX. Allegedly it has been sold along with two other Spanish 
>Broadcasting AMs (in Miami Springs FL and Los Angeles) to One-On-One Sports
>Network. WXLX holds a CP to move to Rutherford with 3 kW-D and 7.6 kW-N. The
>new TX will be much closer to New York than the current location in
>Springfield, so the daytime signal may not suffer in the city despite the
>lower day power. I assume the lower power permits a relaxed pattern, while
>still protecting WIP in Philly on 610.
WXLX, right -- I had forgotten the calls it changed to after WSKQ.

That's a weird proposed pattern, though -- higher power at night? Must be a
more directional night pattern, though it would have to be very directional
to protect WIP. In fact, I'd be surprised if WIP didn't yap about it.

(And I can't imagine One-0n-One pulling any numbers at all in NYC with
booming WFAN 4 ticks away on the dial. Of course, they won't actually have
much in the way of salaries, I suspect.)