Still amazed at WSRO's Digital quality!

Dave Doherty
Mon May 9 22:05:06 EDT 2022

Although I am not conversant in Italian, I am subscribed to the Italian
Broadcast Engineering group on FB. They seem to be shutting down analog FM
in favor of DAB, and the engineers have posted dozens of photos of analog FM
sites that are now defunct. 


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> According to the 2022 World Radio TV Handbook, digital radio in 
> Australia uses the DAB+ system. Sydney has two multiplexes: 202.928 
> MHz and 204.64 MHz. Both are 50 KW and carry simulcasts of all local 
> commercial stations, including 2GB, which still broadcasts in AM on 873
KHz with 6 kW.

> There's a third DAB+ multiplex in Sydney on 206.352 MHz, also 50 kW, 
> that carries ABC and SPS stations.

> I don't see anything in the WRTH about Australia using any digital 
> system on the medium wave band; everything I see there is listed as AM.

Of course, US broadcasters would have been strongly opposed to the adoption
of any digital system that did not preserve the inequality of signals and
service areas, so the FCC never pursued such a thing, even when there would
have been plenty of VHF spectrum available to make it practical.  Canada
used the Eureka 147 DAB system for a while, in a less suitable frequency
band, and had very limited uptake on the part of both consumers and
broadcasters.  Meanwhile, a number of European countries have entirely shut
down mediumwave broadcasting and have or are in the process of doing
likewise for analog VHF FM.


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