Still amazed at WSRO's Digital quality!

Rob Landry
Mon May 9 10:26:09 EDT 2022

On Sat, 7 May 2022, Ron wrote:

> The only people I have heard complain about the "spewing" are radio 
> aficionados and DX-ers.

Alex Langer's WZBR 1410 used to be unlistenable in Medford or Malden due 
to severe interference from 1430, which was running hybrid mode while 
Eyeheart owned it.

WTSN in Dover, NH, was largely unlistenable in Seabrook and Hampton due to 
interference from 1260 in Boston before Salem bought that station and shut 
down the HD.

So, it's not just a problem for DXers.

> It couldn't have sounded as bad as WBZ does now in analogue on todays 
> (awful) car radios.  😉 AM radio is virtually unlistenable on my 2018 
> Honda.

I haven't been in a modern car recently. I'm still driving a 2006 Honda 
Civic with 330,000 miles on it.


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