David Allan Boucher to leave Magic 106.7

Matthew Osborne mattosborne1976@yahoo.com
Sun Jun 12 22:14:07 EDT 2022

As someone who has never lived in the listening range of Boston FM radio, I never knew about David's show until only recently.  40 years at one station with arguably *the* most successful nighttime show in the market's history is worthy of celebration and recognition in and of itself.  However, the thing I find most remarkable here is that this was pulled off with David never showing his face in public!!!  Granted, much of Bedtime Magic's run occurred pre-internet and social media, but it absolutely blows my mind that anyone could successfully do that today.  The only other person I know of that did was the late Alan Almond in Detroit.  I honestly don't think we will ever see something like this happen again.
I know David has been on this list in the past.  If he is no longer and anyone here knows how to get in touch with him, I would appreciate it if you would please make sure this message is forwarded to him.  David, I tip my hat to you sir for 40 years of an amazing career on air at Magic 106.7, and for doing it all while never showing your face in public.  Congratulations on your retirement and best wishes
Matthew OsborneWest Sand Lake, NY

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  On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 6:12 PM, Bob Nelson<raccoonradio@gmail.com> wrote:   Via WMJX facebook
David Allan Boucher announced tonight that he will be leaving and soon
winding down Bedtime Magic! [image: 💜] [image: 💛]

Boucher has hosted Bedtime Magic solo for 40 years and it has been the
longest running and most successful night-time show in the history of
Boston radio. He was the first voice on Magic when it signed on 40 years
ago - and has been a mainstay on Magic 106.7 since. We will be celebrating
his illustrious legacy with special programming, so continue to send in
suggestions! [image: 🎶]

"40 years is a long time and I feel very fortunate to have been able to
spend that time at one dial position, one time slot, on one great radio
station. I’m very grateful to the generations of friends who spend so many
years with us every night. Without them…there wouldn’t have been a show." -
David Allan Boucher

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