RE: Mayor Wu on "Notorious In The Morning", B87.7 FM

Dave Doherty
Tue Jan 18 21:01:27 EST 2022

No comment on the politicos and the pirates...

Music licensing:

> I can't get them to return my phone calls.

Try the Radio Music License Committee. They're the one-stop-shop for all of

Do it soon. There's a Jan 31 deadline for dealing with GMR, the one you
DIDN'T mention. They are by far the most aggressive and difficult to deal


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On Sat, 15 Jan 2022, Shawn Mamros wrote:

> I'm sure if an MBA member station were to ask Mayor Wu to appear on an 
> appropriate news or public affairs program, she would be willing to do so.
> It probably says more about the current state of programming on those 
> stations if none of them are reaching out to her for that.

It says more about the degree to which Federal law is respected, I think. 
Mayors openly ignore unlicensed radio operations, just as whole states
legalize marijuana in despite of Federal law.

> You do raise a good point about whether ASCAP/BMI/SESAC are aware of them.
> Nothing stopping you from asking the music licensing agencies that 
> question if you want.

I have been trying to notify all three companies since the beginning of
December that our company has acquired WFRD from Dartmough College. I can't
get them to return my phone calls.


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