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Shawn Mamros mamros@mit.edu
Sat Jan 15 15:03:47 EST 2022

Rob writes:
>Why isn't the Massachusetts Broadcasters' Association all over this? They
>should be denouncing Wu to the skies on stations all over the

I'm sure if an MBA member station were to ask Mayor Wu to appear on an
appropriate news or public affairs program, she would be willing to do so.
It probably says more about the current state of programming on those stations
if none of them are reaching out to her for that.

Anyone in office is going to use any avenue they can to reach out to their
constituents.  If B87 is attracting a sufficient amount of listeners for that, then
again, that says more about the state of affairs at the legitimate stations in
Boston than anything else.  She probably doesn't know or care much about
FCC licensing, since that's not her job to enforce that.

You do raise a good point about whether ASCAP/BMI/SESAC are aware of them.
Nothing stopping you from asking the music licensing agencies that question if
you want.


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