Re: Mayor Wu on “Notorious In The Morning”, B87.7 FM

A Joseph Ross
Sat Jan 15 01:36:11 EST 2022

Are you sure the Globe knows it's a pirate station?  I think Mayor Wu is 
more likely to know than the Globe these days.  Is there anyone at the 
Globe covering local radio?

On 1/14/2022 7:16 PM, George Allen wrote:
> Wu made the comments during an appearance on the "Notorious In The 
> Morning" program on 87.7 FM.
> Interesting that the mayor does interviews on pirate radio. 
>  And the Globe considers a pirate interview 
> normal.  But I must admit it could be an effective way to reach the 
> core urban audience.
> Anyone know the backstory to B87?  Have they ever been taken down?  
> This is pretty blatant PR for them - has the FCC given up?

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