American Top 40 in the Boston market

A Joseph Ross
Mon Mar 8 01:07:50 EST 2021

When they first introduced the "We're 4" promos, they were playing them 
so repeatedly in the morning during the Today show that I called the 
station and complained.  As I recall, they sometimes would play the same 
promo twice, back to back.  I finally took to watching the Today show on 
Channel 10, despite the inferior reception quality.

On 3/6/2021 10:01 AM, Mike Malone wrote:
> I remember WBCN did a parody of the "We're 4" WBZ TV promos.
> If I remember right the lyrics were something like "We're 4, kicking
> puppies, We're 4, getting disease, We'd love to get locked into a condo in
> Brockton....". That's all I remember, but now it's stuck playing over and
> over in my head!
> On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 8:47 AM Bob Nelson <> wrote:
>> Speaking of Boston and Pittsburgh and the TV versions of WBZ and KDKA--
>> youtube has promos for both stations using the same song. It was "We're 4"
>> here and "Here's 2" there. "We're for, great old Cape Cod, we're for, old
>> Hahvad Yahd.We love to get lost in the traditions of Boston." Pittsburgh's
>> version had similar localisms.
>> Remember the tv ad with Dave Maynard dealing with winter weather and he
>> sees a rescue dog next to a
>> "closed" sign--"oh no, not you too?"
>> KDKA did the same ad with a local meteorologist
>> or radio host.
>> On Thursday, March 4, 2021, Shawn Mamros <> wrote:
>>> BZ's "The Spirit of New England" slogan long pre-dated 1987!  I know they
>>> were using it in the early 80s at least, and though I don't have the
>>> personal knowledge to back it up, I would think it would date back to the
>>> 1970s, if not before.  The 70s is when Westinghouse (aka Group W) was
>> doing
>>> serious branding of their stations, with jingles galore.  I grew up in
>>> Pittsburgh and remember well what they did with KDKA ("Someplace Special"
>>> was their equivalent to "The Spirit of NE") at the time.  Somebody who
>>> lived up this way or who has more historical knowledge of BZ (Scott?)
>> might
>>> be able to identify when "The Spirit of NE" started.
>>> -Shawn

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