American Top 40 in the Boston market

George Allen
Thu Mar 4 12:26:39 EST 2021

Speaking of WBZ slogans ... and jingles from long ago, how about 
"Time is of the essence, get it now, on W [snap] BZ, W [snap ] BZ, W [snap] BZ.
Or something like that, back in the 60's maybe?  Lodged in my head 
somewhere all these years.

Wed Mar 3 16:10:49 EST 2021

This was on WBZ's Wikipedia page. Not that I believe everything I 
read. The time line looks correct. I think AT40 ended on WBZ late in 1990.

......" ,[57] but listener complaints[58] led the station to return 
Brudnoy to the air by the end of September.[59] It was also late in 
1985 that American Top 40 moved to WBZ from WROR (98.5 FM, now 
WBZ-FM), remaining on WBZ for the rest of its years as a full-service 
AC station, around the same time WBZ's most famous slogan, "The 
Spirit of New England" (made famous by a 1987 JAM Creative 
Productions jingle package of the same name), was introduced."

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