The 1979 Kiss 108 flip

Bob Nelson
Tue Jul 27 08:39:56 EDT 2021

Some sources say WWEL AM and FM flipped to
disco on Feb 10, 1979. I thought it was mid January.
I have found an old Boston Evening Globe article
on newspapers dot com which was published on
Jan 24, 1979 and mentioned the flip was the week
before. Beautiful music listeners were jolted out of bed by the change,
perhaps reminiscent of Dr
Johnny Fever's sudden switch to rock in the first
episode of WKRP. Click the "OCR" link to read the
entire article.
By Robert A McLean

"Old, early-morning WWEL WWEL-FM listeners were jolted out of their sleep
last week, to rush barefoot to the clock-radio and see if they had tuned
the wrong station the night before. WXKS and WXKS-FM had taken over in the
night, and instead of low-key wakeup music and news, it was rattling and
rolling with a Saturday Night Fever beat"

Also mentioned is the move--maybe 1-1-79? --of WCOP from country to
beautiful music, as WHUE.
Local country fans were upset enough at the format's disappearance from the
local dial to be asking
the FCC to step in. WHUE owner Plough may have later bought time on WDLW
1330 to run country.
I thought WHUE was owned for a time by General
WDLW first ran a certain number of weekend hours as country, then later
went full time.

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