WBCN, Channel-13, and the old Hancock tower

John Andrews w1tag@charter.net
Fri Dec 3 07:39:52 EST 2021

WTAG-FM got the QXR Network from WDRC-FM. Couldn't be done from the 
4-story building in downtown Worcester, so it was done at the Paxton 
site, beginning in 1959. Prof. Newell at WPI built a corner-reflector 
receiving antenna, and a 3/4 wave filter made of copper pipe (4", if 
memory serves), to try to keep WTAG-FM from overloading the REL 
receiver. That filter still exists in the basement of the WTAG-AM 
transmitter site, moved there just before the sale of WTAG-FM to Knight.

John Andrews

On 12/3/2021 2:38 AM, A Joseph Ross wrote:
> I think the QXR network was one of the earlier such networks.  It 
> certainly preceded WCRB's efforts.  I imagine it was  fed like other FM 
> networks of the day (Concert Network, and later the CRB Network), by 
> picking up the signal of another FM station carrying the programs.  I 
> imagine that WXHR probably got the QXR Network from WTAG-FM and WTAG-FM 
> got it from some other station closer to New York, etc.
> On 12/2/2021 5:53 AM, Rob Landry wrote:
>> On Thu, 2 Dec 2021, A Joseph Ross wrote:
>>> Thank you for this bit of history.  I remember first hearing WTAG-FM 
>>> from Bedford when I got my first FM radio, back in 1957.  At that 
>>> time, they were simulcasting WTAG (AM), mainly for some newscasts, 
>>> but mostly carrying the QXR network.  Awhile later, WXHR also started 
>>> carrying the QXR network for awhile.
>> Interesting. I hadn't known that WQXR once had a network. I wonder how 
>> they fed it.
>> Rob

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