650 AM All Digital

John Andrews w1tag@charter.net
Thu Dec 2 15:58:09 EST 2021

No HD receiver here, but by ear on a car radio near Worcester, it is 
nicely respecting WFAN on 660. A look with an SDR at 650 doesn't provide 
much of a signal, but the BW is pretty much confined to +/- 5 kHz. 
That's a lot prettier than the "old" IBOC signals.

John Andrews

On 12/2/2021 2:25 PM, aerie.ma@comcast.net wrote:
> I was listening in the Andover/Salem NH area on 93 and 495. I had only heard
> static from WSRO in the past. In HD, it sounds great. A few drop outs when
> hills get in the way, but definitely listenable. Very nice music too.
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> They are spotty in some areas within the Portsmouth, NH/Kittery, ME area as
> I drive around.  When they do lock in, they sound clean and stereo.
> John

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