The Mount Rushmore of Boston Radio

Doug Drown
Mon Mar 30 17:03:45 EDT 2020

A coronavirus diversion with which to have a little reflective fun:
       One of the regular respondents to the New York Radio Message Board
challenged his fellow respondents this past weekend to each come up with
four nominees for a Mount Rushmore of New York Radio Personalities.  He
laid down two requirements:  the nominees have to have been part of New
York radio between 1960 and the present; each of the four has to represent
a specific genre (DJ, newscaster, sportscaster, meteorologist, talk host,
et al.), with no overlapping --- one can't be nominated to represent two
       His main criterion is that persons nominated be *influential --- *not
necessarily in terms of popularity or longevity of service (though those
can be factors), but overall excellence such that they were, or are,
"cutting edge" --- ground breakers whose presence on the air in some way
significantly influenced the broadcasting industry and/or the wider culture
of the city or region: people whose singular gifts will long be remembered.
       Let's give this a try with Boston radio personalities.  Participants
may name a nominee and a runner-up in each category.
       I haven't lived in eastern Massachusetts in many years, but here's
my list:
       DJ:  Arnie Ginsburg, Jess Cain
       News:  Gary LaPierre
       Sports:  Bob Lobel, Gil Santos
       Weather:  Don Kent
       Talk:  Jerry Williams, David Brudnoy

        Your turn.

        Doug Drown

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