Another One Bites the Dust

Bill O'Neill
Tue Mar 24 22:58:11 EDT 2020

Way to go, Chuck! As I reminisced with you last week, it seems like yesterday you were encouraging this dopey kid from Dracut on how the big-time works at the old “‘85 in Boston”.

I was working an evening shift at WSSH when you gave me a call from Maine and said, “You’re having a ball with that jukebox aren’t you, 2-Ls?“

When I finally got a chance to crack the mic on a Saturday morning at 5 AM on WHDH, the bat phone rang as the first song out of news played as you called to encourage me. 30+ years later and you don’t forget stuff like that.

Amidst a perennially tough business, there comes along the occasional good guy. And you, Chuck, be one o’ them. Abso-freakin-lutely. (Buy the book.)

Enjoy Grampy’s Child Care and Storm Door Company, Cap’n.

Bill O’Neill

Shoreham, Vermont by way of Lowell, Massachusetts

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Congratulations, Chuck!  And thanks for a bunch of years of great radio!


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Hey gang – Just a note to let you know that I’m hanging up the headphones on Friday (3/27) and calling it a broadcast day.  After 40+ years, I’ve had some fun and now it’s time to repay the family for far too much lost time and missed events.  I know it’s been quiet out here lately with much of the conversation taking place on various social media platforms, but I always enjoy keeping up with the discussions as they come along.  Here’s hoping that when the dust settles, we’ll be healthy and able to keep doing whatever it is we do.  In my case, my post-broadcast retirement endeavors will start on Monday with Grampy’s Child Care.  (3 toddler grandchildren with working parents so I can jump in and help while we all hunker in the bunker for the time being)
  I’ve been blessed with doing what I always wanted to do, and even achieved my personal goal of working on the air in my hometown (Cambridge kid on the radio in Boston) after just a year & half full-time, made some amazing friends and worked alongside of the area’s legendary talent.  I call that being “call #9 at 931-16-68” and landing those front row tix at the Garden.
Be well and Rock On!

-- Chuck Igo

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