[B-R-I] The Musical Chairs Repack Has Begun

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sat Jun 29 09:04:44 EDT 2019

The primary NBC Boston signal is now WYCN-CD 15.1, which maintains its
channel share with WGBX when WGBX moves from RF 43 to RF 32.

WBTS 8.1 (RF 46) will go away - that license is being moved down to
Providence, presumably for Telemundo.

WNEU is moving south from NH to Needham and from RF 34 to 29. It's not at
all clear that NBC Boston will continue to be seen over WNEU, though - I
think it will be just Telemundo when it moves.

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019, 9:45 PM Michael Malone <michaeldmalone@hotmail.com>

> Despite WBPX moving closer to where I reside in Spencer, MA I no longer
> receive them since the move (rescanned, zippo). I was able to receive them
> previously. It will be interesting to note how many stations I can receive
> OTA after all the machinations of the repack are finished. My suspicion is
> I will be receiving far fewer stations.
> Curious about NBCBoston, I receive them on 15.1 which they co-share with
> WGBX on "real" channel 43. Which of the many OTA signals that they utilize
> is moving on August 1? I don't see that mentioned on the page.
> Mike
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> As NERW reported this week ( https://www.fybush.com/nerw-20190624 ), the
> new phase of the
> DTV Repack officially began last Saturday (Jun.22), with the first
> affection, locally,
> apparently already being felt:  WBPX:68 (and, as they channel share,
> WDPX:58) has made the
> move (sometime between Saturday and today...I was up in The Lakes Region
> for a couple of
> days) from RF-32 to RF-22, with an accompanying xmtr move from one of the
> Rt.128-Newton
> towers to WUNI:66ʼs Hudson tower.
> Also, tonight “NBC10 Boston” aired an advisory about needing to rescan on
> Aug.1st—though I
> guess the message has been out for a couple of weeks:
> https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/An-Important-Message-for-Over-the-Air-Viewers-of-NBC10-Boston-511253811.html
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