Dan Donovan and House Names

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Jun 16 18:41:11 EDT 2019

A. Joseph Ross wrote:

Sometime in the mid-1980s, WROR had a Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend, in which Arnie Ginsburg said they were having a Dan Donovan convention in Fenway Park, and they were drawing straws, and the one with the shortest straw would be on as Dan Donovan.  The next day, whoever was there as Dan Donovan said that he was the last Dan Donovan.  He described coming to Boston and going to see Max Richmond about a job.  Richmond said that for his audition, he could go on that day as Dan Donovan.  When he was done, he was given the slot permanently, and the guy who had been Dan Donovan was turned into Johnny Dark and moved to the overnight shift.

Johnny Dark seems to have also been a house name at several stations back in the day. There was a Johnny Dark on WRKO back in the 1970's, wonder if it was the same guy who was Johnny Dark at WMEX?

Mark Watson

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