Dan Donovan and House Names

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I think there were lots of Dan Donovans.

Sometime in the mid-1980s, WROR had a Rock & Roll Reunion Weekend, in 
which Arnie Ginsburg said they were having a Dan Donovan convention in 
Fenway Park, and they were drawing straws, and the one with the shortest 
straw would be on as Dan Donovan.  The next day, whoever was there as 
Dan Donovan said that he was the last Dan Donovan.  He described coming 
to Boston and going to see Max Richmond about a job.  Richmond said that 
for his audition, he could go on that day as Dan Donovan.  When he was 
done, he was given the slot permanently, and the guy who had been Dan 
Donovan was turned into Johnny Dark and moved to the overnight shift.

Mel Miller was on the Reunion Weekend, and he said he was also Melvin X. 
Melvin.  I think there were several Melvin X. Melvins, but I wonder 
whether there were several Mel Millers.

I taped part of the Reunion Weekend, and I think I probably have an 
edited version somewhere on a cassette.

On 6/16/2019 3:52 PM, Donna Halper wrote:
> I know that WMEX had various deejays who used House Names, and I am 
> trying to sort some of them out.  For example, if I recall correctly, 
> around 1958 or 1958, "Dan Donovan" was Arthur McTague (later best 
> known as traffic helicopter guy Kevin O'Keefe). But there were other 
> Dan Donovans-- wasn't Harvey Blaine one of them? And who became Dan 
> Donovan after McTague left, circa 1960?

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