Call Letters Meaning on Wikipedia

Jeff Lehmann
Fri Jun 14 08:33:24 EDT 2019

MIT has both W1MX and W1XM.

Jeff Lehmann - N1ZZN

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On Fri, 14 Jun 2019, Bob DeMattia wrote:

> Just like commericial like the commercial callsigns WBZ, WGY, WLS, 
> many amateur callsigns of today still have the 1920's callsign system legacy.
> University stations like MIT (W1XM),  WPI (W1YK),  and Yale (W1YU), 
> began as 1XM, 1YK, and 1YU respectively.

I think MIT is actually W1MX. Call sign suffixes beginning with X used to be reserved for "experimental" radio stations.


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