Dave Doherty
Tue Feb 12 19:10:00 EST 2019

IIRC, it's buried pretty deep in the menus.

But if you can physically access the front panel, you own it.  No passwords on that. There's no Ethernet connection on mine. It's an early version. 

I suspect current models have Ethernet connections and better security.


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Come to think of it, it probably shouldn't be TOO easy to change the frequency, else it could be changed by accident, something the FCC wouldn't be too happy about.  I imagine there must be some safety mechanism for that?

On 2/12/2019 4:58 PM, Dave Doherty wrote:
> I have a J-1000 at one of my stations. I believe there are two 
> versions of the output network, one for the lower half and the other 
> for the upper half of the band. Other than that, it's a front panel 
> thing to select the frequency. There's probably some stuff you can do 
> to optimize at the new frequency, but I believe it will run fine.
> -d
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>> Ed has a frequency-agile AM transmitter? I wonder what it is.
> Nautel claims the ability for "simple frequency change" on their J1000 
> line of 1kW AM transmitters:
> I'd imagine it's probably more difficult with higher powered AM 
> transmitters.
> -Shawn

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