TV Reception

Alexander Svirsky
Sat Aug 17 14:06:26 EDT 2019

I'm glad someone else has confirmed these reception problems and it's  
not just me.

For the last week reception of anything I think is still on the former  
Westinghouse tower has been weak. WBZ reception is rare. WCVB, WSBK  
(usually weak anyway), and WGBX/WGBH/WBTS come and go. Spotty  
reception and sometimes disappearing completely at night. Are there  
feedline or master antenna problems? WBZ was very strong immediately  
after the repack but lately no good.

Also *very* interesting that it explains why I suddenly have extra  
15.3 and 15.4 NBC/Cozi channels. I didn't know these were coming from  
someplace else. Any idea where these signals are coming from if not  

My assumption that the problem is on the Westinghouse tower and not my  
antenna comes from receiving WHDH just fine. WFXT still seems OK too,  
though I'm no longer sure where it transmits from.

Reception of WBZ, WCVB, WSBK, and WGBH/WGBX/WBTS seems OK today on Saturday.

Good for me that WMUR and WENH still have strong VHF-hi signals. I am  
annoyed at losing 1080i reception of WGBH due some stupid idea of  
putting it on VHF low band.

WUTF is simply GONE since the repack. Not that I watched it much but  
it used to be one of my strongest received signals, and now there's  
not a trace of it.

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