TV Reception

Shawn Mamros
Sat Aug 17 08:55:34 EDT 2019

There was definitely something odd going on about a week ago.  There was one day when I was getting channels 2.1 and 44.1, but all of the other 2.* and 44.* subchannels had no signal (and I'm pretty sure that's what both of our TVs said, "No signal"), and we also had no signal on all of the 4.* channels as well, and I think other channels were out as well.  5.* and 7.* were still on, though, if I'm recalling correctly.  Is there a single point of failure that would explain all of the above?  Or just a whole bunch of failures, and if so would there be any relation between them?

From: Boston-Radio-Interest <> on behalf of Larry Sochrin <>
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019 12:58 PM
Subject: TV Reception

I noticed this morning that I was getting better versions of 15-1 and 15-2 on 15-3 and 15-4.  Then, I found the following posting on the NBC Boston website -

"If you watch NBC10 Boston over the air with your TV antenna, you may have been experiencing issues receiving our channel.
A transmission issue is impacting a number of stations in Boston right now, which is affecting NBC10 Boston's over-the-air signal of 15.1. The tower company is working to correct the issue, but there is no estimated time of restoration at this time.
Until the problem is resolved, if you're not receiving NBC10 Boston on 15.1, you'll need to grab your remote and rescan for our temporary reduced-power channel of 15.3.
Here's how:

        • Go to the menu button on your TV remote and choose antenna;
        • then hit rescan or auto tune to get all of your favorite NBC shows with a great signal;
        • let your antenna find your channels

This transmission issue only affects viewers who use antennas to receive their signals, not anyone receiving NBC10 Boston on cable, satellite or streaming services.”

I hope that this will cure most of the other Boston area signal issues many of us have been experiencing occasionally.

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