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Ed Hennessy ehennessy@verizon.net
Tue Apr 9 07:31:33 EDT 2019

This is more of an interesting catch than anything else.

I've picked up 1310 CIWW Ottawa (50kW DA-2) in north Medford more than once at night.  Looking at the night pattern (5 antennas), it must be coming off a lobe (there's one pointing ESE) but it would seem that we're between lobes.  Most of the signal is aimed to the north, at greater Ottawa.  Maybe this makes it a DX catch more than a reliable one, though I've been able to catch it more than once.

Before they moved to FM, 700 CHSJ in St. John, NB was a daytime regular in Eastie, Southie, North Shore, etc., where there was a straight line salt water path and could also be heard inland.

Ed Hennessy

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From: Don <astelle.donald@gmail.com>

I know some of our fellow Boston Radio geeks are DX-ers.

I have been trying to comprise a list of Canadian stations that can be 

picked up pretty regularly at night here in New England.

Here's what I typically hear (in order of reliability).

Let me know if I am missing any good ones.

-730 - CKAC - Radio Circulation / Traffic (French) - Montreal

-740 - (When away from WJIB's signal) - CFZM - Toronto - Oldies

-1580 - CKDO - Classic Hits - simulcast with sister FM - Durham, Ontario

-860 (When I am not close to the WEEI towers) - CJBC - Toronto

-900 - CHML -  Hamilton Ontario

-940 - CFNV - Montreal

What did I miss?

I do miss hearing the great CBC programs that used to be on AM. 

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