Beep at top of the hour on WBZ disappeared

Doug Drown
Sat Sep 29 19:24:00 EDT 2018

I found it a bit disconcerting (and amusing) when, during the night hours,
WBZ would play its time tone several seconds before or after the CBS TOH
"bong."  I would have thought that as a network O&O, the two would be


On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 3:16 PM Bob Clements <bob&wtbs*> wrote:

> Well, speaking of watches ...
> I wear a CASIO that sets itself to WWVB or any of the
> equivalents in China, North or South Japan (60 or 40 KHx),
> England, Germany (DCF77).  WWVH does NOT send on 60 kHz.
> (I have only visited WWVH from that list, but multiple times.
> Nice beach-front property, if a bit militarized.)
> The watch is always within about 0.1 seconds of the true local time.
> I also check it against GPS, but the watch does not have a GPS rcvr.
> I remember being surprised when WBZ suddenly was beeping about 8 and a
> half seconds late.  [When they went HD, of course.]
> Now that it's just gone, I feel old(er).
> /Rcc
> K1BC

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