Changes at WHMP

A Joseph Ross
Sat Sep 22 23:56:33 EDT 2018

 From my hotel in Hadley, I found that I can't pick up WHMQ Greenfield, 
but I can pick up both 101.5 and 107.5, as well as the original WHMP 
1400 in Northampton.  The usual liner is WHMP 101,5 and 107.  I didn't 
listen long enough to hear a legal iD.  I did hear one, presumably 
recorded, announcement that referred to WHMP at 96.9 FM, so I assume the 
change was fairly recent.

anyone know or will hazard a guess as to why they didn't keep the 
Northampton translator on 96.9 and just put Pure Oldies on 101.7?

On 9/22/2018 12:38 AM, A Joseph Ross wrote:
> I'm in the Amherst area for a few days, and I was surprised to find 
> that 96.9 FM is no longer the FM repeater for WHMP.  It's now "Pure 
> Oldies 96.9," with oldies from the 1950s and 1960s.  The ads seem to 
> be local ads, and the only legal ID, or mention of call letters at 
> all, is "WLZX-FMHD3."  I didn't know a repeater could be used to relay 
> the programming of an HD3 channel.  WLDX is at FM 99.3, but I've been 
> enjoying Pure Oldies so much that I haven't checked to see what they 
> are doing.
> The WHMP website indicates that they are now on FM at 101.5 in 
> Northampton and 107.5 in Greenfield, which I also haven't checked. It 
> also says that they are on AM at 1240 and 1400.  This apparently means 
> that they still have WHMQ in Greenfield, but have eliminated their 
> Springfield relay, which I believe was called WHNP.
> Both WHMP and WLZX are owned by Saga Communications.

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