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Wed Sep 12 23:02:17 EDT 2018

Hi John, The Spectrum 731 antenna (like most antennas this style that are selling on amazon) usually have a "converter box". That box makes your antenna "rotate" 360 degrees and is a signal booster as well. Let me tell you my scenario. I live in Northeaster Massachusetts about 15 miles from the Needham towers and 45 miles from the tower farm in Rehoboth (RI Market). I have an "old school" outdoor 6 element antenna in my attic that is 25 feet off the ground. The local station (2,4,5,7 etc).... not a problem. Channel 38 has always been problem! The signal likes to "Check Up" (delay) and it has been like this for a while. The stations out of Rehoboth, Ch. 12 and 64 were the best until recently (was receiving those 24/7 ). Ch. 10 was good most of the time. As for Ch. 6, you need a good night to "carry that signal." My question is this? With all of these frequency changes (and construction permits) due to the auction and other reasons, are these stations being worked on currently and are the power outputs being "reduced" because.(I feel that Ch. 12 and 64 out of Rehoboth were reduced) I wonder if there is a TV engineer on this group that could put a little more insight as to what is going on currently. I will say even though the digital TV picture is awesome, these digital signals are awful! they need MORE POWER! To top it all off, your TV tuner will be obsolete when ATSC 3.0 starts to broadcast (Next 5 years?) 
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